10% off???

August is 10% OFF month for Scentsy Wickless Candles. It just simply means that it is transition time. Out with the old, in with the new! The Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog is FULL of amazing warmers, brand new scents and the return of the very popular Layers line! Take this opportunity to stock up on your favorites before they are gone for good! After August, the following will not be available!!!

Scents: Beach – Cherry Limeade – Honey, Do! – Jumpin Jelly Bean – Lilacs & violets – Lonicera – Lush Gardenia – Mums & Marigolds – Red Candy Apple – Simply Strawberry – Sugar – Surfer chick – Tingelo – Two Harbors – Yuzo Dragon -Oats & Honey – Peach A La Mode – Duke – sharp Dressed Man – Flirtatious – French Kiss – My Wish – White Sands – Wishing Well – Imperial City – Pixie.

Full-Size Premium Warmers: Baby’s Breath – Bamboo Tail – Casbah – Dotty – Fossil Fern – Heartfelt – Arthur – Charlemagne – Victoria – Heirloom – Marshall – Pueblo.

Full Size Warmers: Cemental – Farfalle – Fizz – Game Day – Hampton – Green – Morocco – Play Ball.

Mid-Size Premium Warmers: Twinkle

Mid-Size Warmers: Soapstone – Welcome.

Plug-In Warmers: White – Shasta Daisy – Weave Green

ALSO, August is 10% off month. Take advantage of this deal to stock up on your favorites before they are gone! Perfect for Holiday Gifts, Birthday or “just because” gift ideas!

Want the same rewards I get each day through the Scentsy Family? Join my team! Scentsy Family has provided my family with the financial means when times were tough. I am so greatful for all that Scentsy has done for me. You too can have what I have! Join TODAY!


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Full Time wife, full time mommy, full time friend. Scentsy is my passion, sharing it with the world is my goal.
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