Grace Adele

Yes friends! I can FINALLY tell all of you what the new brand is! Introduced at the Scentsy Family Reunion 2012 in sunny Las Vegas…. GRACE ADELE!

With Grace Adele, fashion is made easy and flawless. Grace Adele features Bags, Clutches, Wallets, Accessories for your Purse, Jewelry and Scarves to make you the lady with the most! With just 5 easy steps, you can have a style all your own.

  • Pick My Bag Color : From glam purple to zebra striped, discover the color that suits you best!
  • Choose My Bag : Choose from beautiful bags that will anchor your style and organize your must-haves.
  • Add My Clutch : This is where it gets really fun! Select a clutch – or two or three – to adorn your bag. Slide the clutch into the outer pocket on your bag and put your style on display. Change it as often as the mood strikes you!
  • Style My Bag : Add a little flair and organize your essentials with clip-ons, then fill your bag with accessories so you can find what you need in a pinch!
  • Style Me : Elevate your look with signature jewelry and scarves!

Grace Adele Systems makes fashion work for you. Go from the early morning dash out the door to an evening on the town without missing a beat. Keep it elegant, romantic or feisty. With Grace Adele, you can create an awe-inspiring look with endless possibilities that are effortless and easy!

Sign up to join starting August 1st. This is a BRAND NEW BRAND… meaning you would join at the ground level. Be your own boss, create your own hours and LOVE WHAT YOU DO! The possibilities are endless 🙂 To order your new Grace Adele bag or to schedule a Grace Adele Party, click here!


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Full Time wife, full time mommy, full time friend. Scentsy is my passion, sharing it with the world is my goal.
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