A new spin on laundry!

Elevate the laundry from a chore to an experience! Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks from the Scentsy Layers collection is a cheap and easy way to smell amazing all the time! Perfect for people who work in “Fragrance Free” places like hospitals, retirement homes and so on! The smell is not overbearing, but strong enough to get you noticed!

Step One: Washer Whiffs! It’s pure indulgence. Fragrance for your clothes! Add a half to full cap of Washer Whiffs with your everyday laundry detergent and enhance everything from your towels to your Sunday best with Scentsy fragrance. For best results, use with fragrance-free laundry detergent! One word – AMAZING! I love pulling my clothes out of the wash machine and instantly catch a whiff of that amazing scent! ($12 per bottle)

Step Two: Dryer Disks! Toss our your dryer sheets, toss in a Dryer Disk! Simply add one to your  dryer – it will infuse your clothes with scent for up to 15 loads and fights static at the same time. I LOVE the Dryer Disks. And just one has lasted my family close to 20 loads! No need to purchase dryer sheets any longer!  ($7 a pack, 2 disks per pack)


Click here to order yours today. Change the way you do laundry! Combine and save package available. Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks available in QUIVER and COCONUT LEMONGRASS.


About flamelesslove

Full Time wife, full time mommy, full time friend. Scentsy is my passion, sharing it with the world is my goal.
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