Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day!! This is my husbands first Fathers Day, and unfortunately he will be out of the state and will not be able to celebrate it with Tanner and I. But for those of you who are looking for the perfect gift for your dad, look at this!!!

The Angler Full Size Warmer. Perfect for all men who enjoy the outdoors! If yours is anything like mine, a fishing pole and an ice-cold river call to him! On sale this month only! Normally priced at $35, the Angler Warmer is sale priced at $31.50! So spoil your dad with a new warmer!!!

Dad not into the fishing, maybe he is into hunting? We have you covered there too! Lodge Full Size Warmer features fish, bear and much more!

Always a favorite is the Campus Collection. Help dad remember the college days and show some team spirit!!!

Pick out a man scent to nicely complement his new warmer. There is sure to be a scent that fits Dad perfectly (for description of each available in the 2012 Spring/Summer Catalog, check out the Scentsy Man Section of my blog! There you can see an accurate description of each Men scent available!


About flamelesslove

Full Time wife, full time mommy, full time friend. Scentsy is my passion, sharing it with the world is my goal.
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