Scentsy at the hospital??

So about a week ago I began having pretty crazy pains. Last Wednesday, we figured out the pains were from my appendix. Emergency Surgery to the rescue.

What was the one thing I brought?? My sons Scentsy Buddy. A night in the hospital meant a night away from my 4 month old baby boy. When he was born my husband and I purchased a Scentsy Buddy for his room and it sits on his dresser keeping everything so fresh smelling!

So naturally, I grab that. I was amazed at how wonderful my room smelled, a little touch of home in my tiny hospital room. Recovery has been a breeze and now not even a week later, I am back to my normal tasks and work!!

Scentsy Buddy‘s come in so many different varieties and now they have the baby Scentsy Buddy’s! These miniature sized buddy’s are sure to be a hit with grandchildren, kids, or anyone on you birthday or holiday list! When you purchase, you also get to pick a Scentsy Pack that you insert in the back of the buddy and it keeps it fresh smelling for months!!!!

Visit my site to order yours today! order my Scentsy Buddy NOW!!


About flamelesslove

Full Time wife, full time mommy, full time friend. Scentsy is my passion, sharing it with the world is my goal.
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