Well folks, I have upgraded my blog! You can now find all the information you would ever want regarding Scentsy and other Scentsy Family Brands on my all new website!!!

Please visit to get the most up to date information on Scentsy and all other brands Scentsy Family offers. At this site, you can Join, Schedule a day to Host a Party and get any other necessary information you may need!!!! Why wait, visit today!!!

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Is Joining Scentsy Family Worth It?

This simple question is something I asked myself in the first month. I was 5 months pregnant with my first kid, my husband and I had just purchased our first home, we just adopted a puppy. Our hands were full. And to add Scentsy Family to the mix: Learning something new, having a new responsibility each day. Were we ready to take on something new? Anyone who knows me knows that I love the challenge. I thrive on it.

So there I was, 5 months pregnant, planning a wedding in Las Vegas and worrying about the

The day I married the love of my life (and was 7 months pregnant!!!)

everyday things that we face. Scentsy Family was there to support me. I actually made enough money through Scentsy Family to pay for our Las Vegas Wedding and Buffet Dinner (cause lets face it, when you go to Las Vegas, you have to eat at the buffet!!!)

Then came November. I had made Certified within the first 3 months so I was making more, always a good thing! Then one night, I was rushed to the ER. I had begun to bleed and the doctors had a difficult time trying to figure out what was going on. My biggest worry that day, my Son. Was he okay? Was he still alive? Was he going to be born 6 weeks early and in the NICU? Thankfully everything turned out alright that night, but I was put on bed rest until my delivery date.

But that was 6 weeks away! What was I going to do? Easy…Scentsy Family! I was able to really put my home business to use. Amazingly, I did just as well promoting from home as I did when I was working, talking to people on a daily basis. And my husband had a lot to do with my success as well.

The first time I held my beautiful baby boy.

Shoot 3 weeks ahead. Our son Tanner was born 3 weeks early and spent 11 days in the NICU due to a bleed on his head. It was the most depressing thing I had ever gone through. To be discharged from the hospital after giving birth with no baby to hold. No baby to kiss. I lay in bed each night crying myself to sleep because it just wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right. Luckily, I had Scentsy Family. I had made enough money the following month to pay for food and gas to and from the hospital each day. Plus, the bond I had with many of my fellow Business friends, they helped me through a tough time.

So, is joining Scentsy Family worth it? If you were to ask me, YES. Without Scentsy Family, I wouldn’t have many things I do today. A healthy baby boy, an amazing husband who supports me each and every day. Friendship with some of the most inspiring people you will ever meet. I wouldn’t trade my Family for the world. A small investment now can and will pay off big time in the end. Everyone has to start somewhere in life, let yours start here!

Joining was the easiest part. All you have to do is pick your brand. Scentsy Family offers 3 different brands to sell. Scentsy Fragrance, Velata and the new brand, Grace Adele. Pick one, pick all 3. Do what you want. You can achieve anything you put your mind do. And Scentsy Family can help you reach your goals.

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10% off???

August is 10% OFF month for Scentsy Wickless Candles. It just simply means that it is transition time. Out with the old, in with the new! The Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog is FULL of amazing warmers, brand new scents and the return of the very popular Layers line! Take this opportunity to stock up on your favorites before they are gone for good! After August, the following will not be available!!!

Scents: Beach – Cherry Limeade – Honey, Do! – Jumpin Jelly Bean – Lilacs & violets – Lonicera – Lush Gardenia – Mums & Marigolds – Red Candy Apple – Simply Strawberry – Sugar – Surfer chick – Tingelo – Two Harbors – Yuzo Dragon -Oats & Honey – Peach A La Mode – Duke – sharp Dressed Man – Flirtatious – French Kiss – My Wish – White Sands – Wishing Well – Imperial City – Pixie.

Full-Size Premium Warmers: Baby’s Breath – Bamboo Tail – Casbah – Dotty – Fossil Fern – Heartfelt – Arthur – Charlemagne – Victoria – Heirloom – Marshall – Pueblo.

Full Size Warmers: Cemental – Farfalle – Fizz – Game Day – Hampton – Green – Morocco – Play Ball.

Mid-Size Premium Warmers: Twinkle

Mid-Size Warmers: Soapstone – Welcome.

Plug-In Warmers: White – Shasta Daisy – Weave Green

ALSO, August is 10% off month. Take advantage of this deal to stock up on your favorites before they are gone! Perfect for Holiday Gifts, Birthday or “just because” gift ideas!

Want the same rewards I get each day through the Scentsy Family? Join my team! Scentsy Family has provided my family with the financial means when times were tough. I am so greatful for all that Scentsy has done for me. You too can have what I have! Join TODAY!

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Grace Adele

Yes friends! I can FINALLY tell all of you what the new brand is! Introduced at the Scentsy Family Reunion 2012 in sunny Las Vegas…. GRACE ADELE!

With Grace Adele, fashion is made easy and flawless. Grace Adele features Bags, Clutches, Wallets, Accessories for your Purse, Jewelry and Scarves to make you the lady with the most! With just 5 easy steps, you can have a style all your own.

  • Pick My Bag Color : From glam purple to zebra striped, discover the color that suits you best!
  • Choose My Bag : Choose from beautiful bags that will anchor your style and organize your must-haves.
  • Add My Clutch : This is where it gets really fun! Select a clutch – or two or three – to adorn your bag. Slide the clutch into the outer pocket on your bag and put your style on display. Change it as often as the mood strikes you!
  • Style My Bag : Add a little flair and organize your essentials with clip-ons, then fill your bag with accessories so you can find what you need in a pinch!
  • Style Me : Elevate your look with signature jewelry and scarves!

Grace Adele Systems makes fashion work for you. Go from the early morning dash out the door to an evening on the town without missing a beat. Keep it elegant, romantic or feisty. With Grace Adele, you can create an awe-inspiring look with endless possibilities that are effortless and easy!

Sign up to join starting August 1st. This is a BRAND NEW BRAND… meaning you would join at the ground level. Be your own boss, create your own hours and LOVE WHAT YOU DO! The possibilities are endless 🙂 To order your new Grace Adele bag or to schedule a Grace Adele Party, click here!

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Vegas bound!!

One of the perks to being a Scentsy Consultant is CONVENTION! And wouldn’t you know it, this year it is in sunny Las Vegas! Along with all the FREE stuff I will be receiving, I get to be among the first to know what the new brand will be!

“Brand X” has been in the works for about a year now. A lot of time and effort has been given to create a new brand that I will be proud to represent!

Stay tuned for updates as they happen!


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A friendly reminder!!!

There is only 8 more days to order your BBMB! These 20 scents have been discontinued and after this month, will be very rare and hard to come by!!! Watermelon Patch, Maui Mist and 18 others are only available until the 31st so stock up now!!

Simply click here to order yours today!!!

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A new spin on laundry!

Elevate the laundry from a chore to an experience! Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks from the Scentsy Layers collection is a cheap and easy way to smell amazing all the time! Perfect for people who work in “Fragrance Free” places like hospitals, retirement homes and so on! The smell is not overbearing, but strong enough to get you noticed!

Step One: Washer Whiffs! It’s pure indulgence. Fragrance for your clothes! Add a half to full cap of Washer Whiffs with your everyday laundry detergent and enhance everything from your towels to your Sunday best with Scentsy fragrance. For best results, use with fragrance-free laundry detergent! One word – AMAZING! I love pulling my clothes out of the wash machine and instantly catch a whiff of that amazing scent! ($12 per bottle)

Step Two: Dryer Disks! Toss our your dryer sheets, toss in a Dryer Disk! Simply add one to your  dryer – it will infuse your clothes with scent for up to 15 loads and fights static at the same time. I LOVE the Dryer Disks. And just one has lasted my family close to 20 loads! No need to purchase dryer sheets any longer!  ($7 a pack, 2 disks per pack)


Click here to order yours today. Change the way you do laundry! Combine and save package available. Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks available in QUIVER and COCONUT LEMONGRASS.

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